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Our goal from the beginning was to design and build fly fishing reels that have a strong foundation and are tool-like in their form and function.  Add to that a ton of inspiration from Jesse James and many custom influences from West Coast Choppers, and you have the first of our fly reels.

Line Capacity for the Jesse James 44 Mag 7/8 Fly Reel 120 yds of 20 lb backing with a #7 or #8 line.
Gun smoke colored spool and the black custom spider web frame which is unique to the Jesse James reel company.
The Reel handle, spool release knob and drag adjust knob are all machined aluminum parts.
Smooth drag system provides a silent line retrieval and a solid click with out going line.
Many cool details on the reel from the Jesse James Signature on the rim of spool to the custom skull spider logo, the Jesse James 44 Mag text on the handle, and the iron cross, have all been laser etched into the aluminum for a long lasting detail. Click here for more Information
The Jesse James 44 Mag fly reel cut its teeth on the trophy waters of Alaska’s Rivers and Streams for one full season of rigorous field testing prior to being stamped with approval and offered to the angling world.

CNC Machined from inch diameter 6061 bar stock. Weight 9.5 oz.

The large spool is inches wide and 1 inch in depth, this allows for 250+ yards of backing with single hand configuration or for use on spey rod.

The waterproof drag system provides a silent line retrieval with a solid click with out going line.

Custom designed with our customers in mind.

CNC Machined from inch diameter 6061 bar stock, weight 4.5 oz

Line capacity: 75 yds of 20 lb with # 4 line 60 yds of 20 lb with #5 line.

Silent line retrieval with solid click with out going line.

Meticulously machined beauty, for the small water enthusiast.


My name has always
represented quality.
These Reels are no exception.
They are second to None!


Trinity River California

Besides being really "Cool Looking" This baby really performs. The drag system is very smooth, I had no problem hooking and playing steelies that produced long runs to my backing time after time and never lost a fish. I am hooked on this reel and cant wait to get back on the water.

Michael Souter

Kodiak Island Alaska

This young fly fisher with his 17+ pound silver salmon he landed while fishing his Jesse James 44 Mag fly reel during the kodiak silver salmon derby. He landed many fish in that class and mentioned via a phone call that he liked it and it works good.

Upper Kenai River, Alaska

Great reel for great fishing! Reel envy is awesome when its everybody else that wants what you got.

Bob Lester

Kenai River Alaska  

Exceptionally smooth drag, the fly reel was flawless in the two days of fishing on the Kenai River.

Dennis McAfee

Alaska and Montana

Having fly-fished for over 30 years and used a myriad of reels, it is not lightly that I say this Jesse James reel is as smooth as any reel I have used. This reel redefined what art is, no other reel has the lines or grace this reel has. I have fished from Oklahoma to Alaska and all points in between. This reel handles any fish I have had on my line. The drag is silk. I have used Lamson, Ross, Galvin, Sage, and Tibor reels, up to now I was happiest with Galvin. When I received my Jesse James 4/5, I was hooked. For the money, I would put it up against any reel made and have retired my others in the same weight class.

Paul Grosz

Dude, I love this reel. From AK to WYO and all points between this thing has been flawless, It's one thing I know, I don't need to bring a back up for.... OH. And it sure is nice finally having a reel that looks good with my sleeves!

See ya on the water man.


These Jesse James reels are not only beautiful, but they offer world class performance on the water. Their drag is incredibly smooth and the fit and finish is flawless. The design details and fine craftsmanship of these reels truly makes these reels a work of art that performs on par with Abels, Tibors and Islanders. In my opinion, you can’t beat these reels for performance, elegance and artistry. I’ll be taking the 11/12 on my next trip to Costa Rica. I can’t wait to land a Sailfish on one of these beauties!

Tim Llacuna, California/ Alaska

This Jesse James 11/12 is a fantastic reel for saltwater, no problems were encountered, strong and smooth drag, I am impressed because these fish can book. Also did some night fishing for snook they are bulldogs, catch them along the sides of docks while fishing from the boat, drag held them from going back under the dock. It performed flawlessly.. I had a great time.


Jim Lawson Alaska / Florida


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